Parys and I met one August morning in Marseille, where she lives with her chéri and Izeh, her first daughter, born in April of that year. She was waiting for me with a smile and her face without any makeup. Izeh had stayed at home with his father. We ordered cake and tea to start the conversation… When we talked about the city, she revealed how passionate she is about the “messy” movement of the streets and the diversity of its residents.

I agreed with Parys: Marseille is electric and hot - quite different from the capital. One has the impression of being in a big city and a small village at the same time. The heavy accent goes well with the Marseille way of not being in such a hurry to resolve anything.

Of Persian origin, she told me about her family's past in Iran and how those roots helped her build her personality:

It really is a great luck to belong to two different worlds. Speaking the language, knowing the habits of a people and the history of a country open doors that we would never imagine discovering. “I'm starting to feel that way about France,” I said.

Passionate about responsible fashion, Parys runs Syrah Paris, her own label that uses discarded and recycled fabrics in production. We talk about the importance of responsible brands for a balanced future that is urgent.

We agree once again: what we want is to be part of it.

by Luisa Meirelles.

Visit Parysatis profile on instagram and its brand, Syrah Paris
February 26, 2023 — Luisa Meirelles