In 2015, the brand was born with her. Since then, it has been growing along with you. Luisa's sweet essence guides our universe. As the brand's creative director, she proposes the stories we are going to tell through her eyes.
Imagining colors and prints, collecting inspirations and photographing the collections, Luisa sets the tone for what we are going to create together.


We are passionate about the female universe. We vibrate with the possibilities and freedoms of everyday life: here, brilliant and creative women work as a team. We cultivate with freshness the heritage of mothers and grandmothers who inspire us and make up our history. They are in the models we create and in the charming style we like to spread around.

the savoir-faire

Our creative team has many passions in common, and the biggest one is making the pieces that will always accompany you.
We are talking about delicate prints, feminine and impeccable cuts, fabrics that dress you with sweetness, lightness and comfort. We work with model makers, seamstresses and artisans who are passionate about what they do. Everything to dress the free, charming, sexy and elegant woman you love to be.

The attitude

And the most important. We dress you for you to feel. Read the poetry that surrounds you. Walk slowly, because you're too pretty to walk fast. Buy flowers from the market that match your dress. Wearing denim dungarees to an important meeting so you don't take yourself too seriously.