“I like telling stories with the brand, also dressing the "gaze". Our collections are designed to poeticize women’s daily lives.”

Luisa Meirelles

In 2015, Luisa created her brand with the desire to bring together her passions for poetry, music, cinema and photography.

“We are a very feminine brand full of love. The women in my family work with me: my mother on the administrative side and my godmother, who made clothes for me when I was still a child, now takes care of our production."

"It also has a very long ancestry, uniting the stories of different women in my life, like my grandmother, who was a seamstress and designer. She is my greatest reference of elegance. From an early age, I looked at this very sweet strength that she transmitted”

Luisa Meirelles

“Being a brésilienne means having summer living in me”

Luisa has always lived close to the beach, growing up with the tropical climate and heat of Brazil. Having lived between Paris and her homeland for some years, she embodies the union of two cultures that enchant and are part of her style and state of mind.

Brazilian spontaneity and the elegance of the Parisian woman.

“As a Brazilian, I know that there is nothing that makes me feel more beautiful than a day at the beach or a whole night dancing... Moments of pleasure that shine through the skin. I think Brazilian women know how to be beautiful by laughing freely, with freedom; and the French woman has an admiration for everything that is natural and genuine. I can say that life between the two countries strengthened my vision of beauty with freedom and appreciation for gestures of elegance, intelligence and feminine maturity: beauty is in who we are.”

Luisa for Vogue Brasil, August 2023